Four Blood Moons: a prophetic testimony

Today, I released my third manuscript, Four Blood Moons, to Tate Publishing for its first edit process.

Wow! I’ve written three books now. It feels strange to be able to say that after all the setbacks I’ve had as an author. These three books are a series of testimony about heavenly openings in the United States and my involvement with them.

This third book testifies right alongside the book of Revelation in the Bible. That book is allegory; and, it is like a huge dream. It needs interpreting. I do that a little bit simply by testifying in real life alongside it. This is according to four blood moons, and they are mentioned in Revelation chapter six. They are also in Joel chapter two in the Old Testament. Joel’s prophecy is brought forward into the New Testament in Acts chapter two.

So, I don’t know if these books of mine will be popular. I don’t honestly think they will sell. But I have decided that I enjoy the writing though my third book, particularly, is a sad testimony in many ways. There is death within the pages of it according to the two dead prophets who lie in the street in Revelation chapter 11, so that cannot be something that is “happy” to testify, and it wasn’t.

However, the whole story of creation is beautiful, it is majestic, and God created this HISTORY with a purpose that I have glimpsed in the telling of this story across three volumes.

So my first book is not in print at the moment, and I haven’t given it a second edition polish yet. It will have to wait until 2016. But when the three books are out and about, they are: A White Stone: one pilgrim’s journey, Praying for America: Christians are clothed, loved, and comforted, and, Four Blood Moons: a prophetic testimony.

We are living in miraculous times. Jesus Christ is coming again to the earth some day. This is the part that is wondrous, happy, and beautiful to me in the long run of history. This is what I have testified amid the hard things like death and destruction.

I have prayed for all of humankind in this three volume series. I have testified through a seven year tribulation period in this third volume. It is all glory to God.

Praying for America

I removed my first two books off the market in late 2014 because they were not selling and so I felt I needed to work on them a little more to give them a good “polish”.

As I have gone through the process of working on my two books again, I decided to publish Praying for America at this time. My memoir, A White Stone, is not going to be published first though it is the volume one of a series of testimony I have written. There are three volumes and I hope to get all three in order by the spring of 2016 through Tate Publishing. It will be nice if I can have three books published by my 50th birthday. After that, who knows? I have been told by one lovely gal, my niece, that I need to write a recipe book. Maybe I will do that, but it will be with a twist. I believe in enjoying our food fear-free. That is hard to do in America, is it not?

My second volume of this three volume series used to be titled Uncovered No More: loved by Jesus. Now, it is going to be titled Praying for America. I look forward to what Tate Publishing is going to create in this second edition.